these texts are an archive of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area from march 2007 - march 2015. it stands as a record of close to a decade of my life, charting the struggles i faced as an artist, daughter, and lover. messy and chaotic at times, eloquent and poetic at others, these texts are an index i am proud of. it was here in this electric box that i learned how to be honest about my experiences and the person i needed to become. it was here that i first learned the truism that words make the world and how to trust such a beautiful, rife, hard fact.

thank you for meeting me here in such tall grass.

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Nov 13, 2008

always hopping on board at the last minute... but it seems to be working for me

yesterday was quite a day! absolutely wonderful, actually! i swung by SF Studio Gallery in San Francisco prior to going to the reception at HANG and managed to get two paintings in to the TINY exhibition they've got going on there. The show itself features an enormous amount of artwork - everything from paintings, to prints, to jewelry- all of which is under 7" x 7"... hence the name TINY.

Walking in to the gallery yesterday, it was such a treat to see the walls completely covered (salon style)in art. and Jennifer, the owner, is so sweet and smart and welcoming that i'm just so pleased to be working with her. here's one of the painting's she took:

little girls
6" x 4"
oil on canvas

i've been trying, mostly without any real success, to get the little girls back in to my work for awhile now. but this past month, it's finally started happening for me and i am glad to see them again. i missed them... and maybe i'll continue to let them keep their heads this time around. :) no promises though.

and even though i DID bring the camera to the reception last night, i left it in my bag. i guess i'd just rather be part of the event than let a camera mediate my experience of the event. i like being in the mix, mingling with new people and having conversations. i was just having too wonderful of a time chatting with the other artists in the show to break away and shove a camera in their faces. i don't know, sometimes it seems taking pictures just ends up being the proof that you weren't really taking part. not that i don't love photography, i do! but i guess this is probably why i'm not a photographer.

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