these texts are an archive of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area from march 2007 - march 2015. it stands as a record of close to a decade of my life, charting the struggles i faced as an artist, daughter, and lover. messy and chaotic at times, eloquent and poetic at others, these texts are an index i am proud of. it was here in this electric box that i learned how to be honest about my experiences and the person i needed to become. it was here that i first learned the truism that words make the world and how to trust such a beautiful, rife, hard fact.

thank you for meeting me here in such tall grass.

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Apr 21, 2010

3 days

that's how long.

this is the quickest an oil painting has come to me in a very very VERY long time.

42" x 35"
oil on canvas
angela simione, 2010

for now, she rests safely in my private collection. this will not be the last time i render her likeness. not nearly. and so i must keep her and tend to her shadows. an angel on my living room wall. secure. whispering. loved.


Maggie May said...

and totally fantastic.

angela simione said...

YAY! thank you, maggie may!!!!! i'm so glad you like her. and also so glad you still check up on me. :)